“The car has always received attention but now with the new plate it gets even more and I get lots of comments which is always fun and shows that people appreciate the combination of a nice car and an appropriate personalised number plate. I was reminded of this when I entered it into the Brighton Speed Trials where both car & plate went down well with the crowd.”

– Mr T Gravenor


“I chose this personalised number plates as I change my cars regularly and felt it would suit not only the car I have now but any performance car that I choose in the future. Their passion for plates is as infectious as it is sincere and GOO6BYE is as much fun as they said it would be. People take photo’s, come up and talk to me and it generally gets a lot of positive attention. I Love it!”

– Mr N Loughlin


F430 RED

“After helping me to source and acquire the registration F430 RED for my former 430 Ferrari; they then also helped me to sell the personalised number plates on to another 430 owner after some enjoyable years with both the plate and car. I await my new 458 and am hopeful they will again find me a suitable plate to match. A great service and much appreciated, Thank you”

– Mr D Philips