Private number plates from SupercarPlates was created to highlight and display private number plates more suited to the enthusiastically passionate world of the Supercar that otherwise would likely go undiscovered amongst the thousands of combinations offered for sale via other numberplate dealers.

Private number plates

This site is more of a Boutique for Exclusive & Luxurious private number plates offering the best of what is available on the market rather than everything that is available on the market. Like a high end prestige car showroom, you may not find numerous versions of endless stock; but simply what we believe to be the best of the combinations available of any private number plate we are showing.

Though the name of this site suggests otherwise, we will not limit our market to that solely of the supercar as we believe such a title can be widely interpreted to include anything from the performance and luxury market too. Though art, like beauty, is very much in the eye of the beholder, we strongly believe that the right registration on the right car is a form of automotive art in itself and can only add to and enhance the pleasure for both the driver and public alike.

A private number plate suited to cars, particularly performance related ones such as those offered within this site can often add a little humour and most definitely drama to the theatre of such machines and enhance the already powerful ownership experience. With reasons and justifications for buying a beautiful or dramatic car as varied as the different models on offer themselves, one thing remains true and can be said throughout; that few buy, drive or pilot one and not expect it to turn heads and inspire.

With demand for what some of the worlds finest car manufacturers can offer and interest in new examples ever growing, the world of the supercar is ever buoyant. As a central part of the luxury commodities sector, high end cars like all other luxury purchases are often recession proof and about the heart and not the head. Our private number plates uniquely compliment the types of machines in this market.

We believe the word supercar is so much more than just a description of a high performance car type, we believe it is the description of a lifestyle itself, a statement of success and childhood ambitions realised.

We know this from experience…