F12 TNT / F12 Dynamite!

The Ferrari F12 berlinetta¬†is yet another stunning front engined V12 in line with Ferrari’s long standing tradtion of long bonnet-ted classics over the years. With a 730 bhp naturally aspirated V12 it is the fourth fastest Ferrari road car to date, surpassed only by the La Ferrari, 812 Superfast and its light weight, track focused & fire breathing sibling the F12 TDF with a massive 769 bhp.

We have the Perfect Plate – F12 TNT – Proudly display what it is ‘F12’ and what it does ‘TNT’.

Having sold now three ‘TNT’ registration numbers to Supercar owners we know that these particular type of plates hold special appeal and interest to owners and the public alike and compliment the cars that wear them very well indeed.

A classy, clever and timeless number plate to compliment your Explosive F12.

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