What A Number Plate! We sold this previously to the owner mentioned in the Sold section of this site. And he is still enjoying it! It was orginally bought for his R8 V10 where he wanted a personalised number plate that was both fun and displayed that his version was the V10 incarnation of the R8 as opposed to the many (at the time V8’s.) Since then he has moved onto a Brand New R8 in red that you may spot if you happen to be on the Sussex coast from time to time. *We also sold V12 TNT, the matching version of this and it is being very happily enjoyed on its AMG V12.

In the unlikely case that this needs pointing out, it cleverly displays that it is a V10 and that the engine offers Explosive Performance, hence the TNT part! This when enjoyed once on a V10 M5 turned heads, but on the R8 we have been told that it has taken the owner aback from the very first day it was on the car with all the attention & admiration it receives. Since then the current owner has loved it more and has informed us that is has added to the ownership experience more than he can say. Music to our ears!

There are no plans to sell this BUT everything has a price and we have been informed that only very serious offers would be considered. We feel that it is of course perfect for the R8 but would also look amazing on the new Lamborghini Huracan and its various versions, especially the new Performante edition. It would also suit any V10 including but not limited to the Porsche Carrera GT too. A Truly Unique Opportunity.